Miami Geographic was founded by Matthew Toro in April 2014 as a web journal designed to conduct and document “explorations at the intersection of Miami’s space, time, nature, and society”.

It’s an urban geography blog that looks at the city at multiple scales of understanding, from the hyper-local to the global, and from multiple analytic perspectives.


Miami Geographic‘s underlying raison d’être is to build a deeper understanding of Miami’s (historical and contemporary) social, political, economic, and environmental dynamics, challenges, and possibilities.


Miami Geographic is also a highly visual and data-driven medium, priding itself on its use of maps and other graphic elements. Original cartographic output and geospatial data visualizations (geovisualizations/geovisuals) feature prominently on the site and set Miami Geographic apart from other local information outlets.

[Apologies in advance if you happen to see random advertisements here — the cost of hosting this site for “free”.]