100 Years of Grand — A Story Map for Exploring Grand Canyon Archives

[I meant to originally share this post back in December 2018! This post is the first of many retroactive “back posts” I’ll be posting in late 2019 in hopes of reinvigorating this way-out-of-date personal profile / portfolio site!]

In 2018, I worked with colleagues from Arizona State University (ASU) Library, Northern Arizona University (NAU) Cline Library, and the Grand Canyon National Park / National Park Service (NPS) Museum Collection on an archival digitization and discovery tool celebrating the centennial of Grand Canyon National Park (1919-2019): 100 Years of Grand.

Working with staff across all three institutions, I put together an Esri Story Map to serve as what I’m calling a “geographic finding aid” for the archival materials selected for digitization as part of the project.

100 Years of Grand Story Map Cover
Select the image to visit the 100 Years of Grand Story Map.

While the Story Map does a decent job featuring some of the archival resources that have been newly digitized as part of the broader 100 Years of Grand project, its main function is to serve as a map-based geographic finding aid for all materials digitized by the ASU, NAU, and NPS teams.

Preview of the interactive web map embedded within the Story Map application. Select the map image to visit the Story Map.

This, and lots of other exciting developments have already transpired on the Grand Canyon centennial front, including the historically unprecedented Mapping Grand Canyon Conference — updates on the results and on-going momentum of that major undertaking soon!

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