Profile in Geography Textbook

I was honored to have been profiled in an undergraduate-level introductory human geography textbook: Contemporary Human Geography: Culture, Globalization, Landscape.

It’s part of the book’s Geography @ Work feature, through which professional geographers working in various employment capacities — from journalists to climate scientists — offer their perspectives on geography as an intellectual and career pursuit.

I gave my own insights working as the Maps & Imagery User Services Coordinator at the Florida International University GIS Center.

While the headshot isn’t the most flattering (because of the subject, not because of the photographer) and my responses could have been a bit more thought-out, I’m nevertheless quite proud of being a part of this text in human geography.

Have a look:
ToroMatthew_ContemporaryHumanGeography_2015As embodied by the existence of this very website, my own professional profile/portfolio, I continue to stand by my advice for students considering a career in the field of geography:

Be entrepreneurial and ambitious, and don’t be afraid to market yourself. Appreciation for geographers — and how we think and what we can do — is growing tremendously across the globe.

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